Embark on an intrepid quest where no holds are barred to reap the greatest riches!


  • Simple rulesbut the games are always different thanks to the effects of the cards Adventure
  • Fast-paced games and un gameplay addictiffull of twists and turns
  • A ubiquitous interactivity between the players, who engage in a merciless race for points, peppered with cheap shots...
  • A strong theme and beautifully brought to life by Régis Torres
  • Compact box and price

Category : Familly/All Public – Players : 2 à 4 – Age : +8

Theme: Western/Adventure – Mechanism: Collection

FSC Game Biodegradable Cellophane

Recommended retail price: 20,90 €

Author: Babel Dread – Illustrator: Régis Torres

Download the rules of the game in French


At the start of the game, each receive 9 cards face down, arranged in front in 3 columns of 3 cards to form your Mine. Turn the card in the center of your Mine face up: you are ready to play!

Your goal is to complete the 9 slots of your Mine with the cards giving you the most points.

On your turn, you can play up to 2 cards from your hand. Place the Precious Stone cards in your Mine: the cards of your favorite stone bring you points, as well as the stones placed on the space corresponding to their value (from 1 to 9). Make good use of the Adventure cards at your disposal: they allow you to reveal, trade or steal cards in play in order to obtain the most profitable Mine!

Be the smartest to collect as many gems of your color as possible, or the most cunning to prevent others from achieving it. But be careful, as soon as a Mine is completely revealed, the game ends!

To win, be the player with the most points at the end of the game!


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